Let’s dive into the world of 

beef suet and tallow!

What is the difference?


What is Suet? Beef suet is the hard, white fat that surrounds the kidneys and loins of the cow. It has a slightly crumbly texture and feels almost dry to the touch. Suet has a melting point between 113°F (45°C) and 122°F (50°C).


In summary, beef suet is the raw, hard fat surrounding the kidneys, while tallow is the rendered and clarified version of suet. Both have been used for generations in cooking and offer unique qualities for various culinary applications and skincare. 

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Bear + Creek Whipped Tallow

An all over, super hydrating and nourishing skin butter!

This product is made with ONLY tallow, whipped beautifully and unscented

It is natural and organic and will bring you back to your ancestorial routes.

*Highly absorbable due to an almost identical bio make up to human skin!*

Nourish your skin the traditional way. This tallow is sourced fresh from a beautiful farm in Oxford, MA.

Not only do these animals live their whole lives ethically but they are out on pasture, grazing on a farm that practices regenerative agriculture which is tremendously beneficial to the environment, and eating their native diets making this tallow extremely healthy!

Benefits of Tallow for the Skin:

I highly encourage you to research tallows astronomical benefits, as we are not allowed to make any actual health claims.

If you know, you know! Remember knowledge is power!