Printed Cup Cozies (Fit most medium and large iced coffee cups from Starbucks and Dunkin, also fit most large hot coffees from Dunkin and other coffee shops, they also fit various tumblers and medium  soft drink cups.) SOME PRINTS SHOWN ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE - THEY ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Please check out our Facebook Page for the most up to date inventory of prints that are available!

$12 each includes shipping or $8 each when picked up at the stand.

I try to add new prints monthly during our peak season.

Goldenrod Healing Salve

Reduces inflammation and swelling, helps to heal wounds better than Neosporin (in my opinion), keeps bacteria away, helps with eczema and dry skin, helps arthritis pain, and so much more. 

$12.99  each when picked up at the stand or these can be shipped for an additional fee.