Meet Our Hens

We have 6 hens that we got as chicks back in March of 2022. Margaret, Lucy, and Delilah are Americanas (Easter Eggers) and they provide us with our beautiful colored eggs that are shades of green/blue. Betty, Priscilla, and Daisey are Sapphire Gems  and they provide us with large eggs that  are shades of beige  and tan!

We have 6 new chicks that we added to our flock at the end of February of 2023. Darla, Juniper, Emily, Winnie, Gabby, and Stella. These ladies will also provide us with a variety of colored eggs once they start laying! Darla, Juniper, and Stella are Americanas (Easter Eggers). Winnie and Gabby we believe are the darker version of Starlight Green Eggers, and Emily is a lighter version of a Starlight Green Egger. (UPDATE: We had to re-home Winnie, Gabby, and Stella due to severe bullying within the flock.)

We added 6 more chicks at the end of February 2024. They are a mix. We have 3 Buff Orpingtons (Dolly, Hazel, and Bonnie), 2 Marans (Misty and Dots), and 1 Prairie Bluebell (Goober). (Photos will be posted once they are settled outside.)